mercredi 29 mars 2017

vendredi 24 mars 2017

sent by Roman SUDZIK

It is second item I received of joint issue celebrates 100th aniversary of Fatima

jeudi 23 mars 2017

sent by Milan REVILAK

ON his cover, Milan put joint issue Slovakia/Portugal/Luxemburg/Poland which celebrates 100th anniversary of Fatima

sent by Kuldipkumar JAIN

mercredi 22 mars 2017

sent by Filip KULIC

Many thanks to Filip who used joint issue SERBIA/SLOVENIA on his covers.
It celebrates 180th anniversary of birth of Davorin Jenko (1835-1914), musician

sent by José M. NUNEZ

sent by Dorothy ANDERSON

lundi 20 mars 2017

sent by Olivier SZERBOWSKI

That item was issued to celebrate 40 years of PHILANDORRE.
You can see all philatelic activities of Philandorre on it web site

sent by Boris YAKAR

On cover, Boris put joint issue with CYPRUS Turkish part

sent by Yutaka NAGATSU

sentr by Axel VAN LOOY

envoi de Jean-Pierre DERLON

vendredi 17 mars 2017

sent by Boris YAKAR

Many thanks to Boris who put both turkish items from joint issue TURKEY/PORTUGAL

sent by Alexander BORSHCHEV

sent by Tristan JUVET

jeudi 9 mars 2017

sent by Roman SUDZIK

With his cover, Roman enclosed a notice about famous person Tadeusz KOSCIUSZKO

sent by AW WELCH

AW Welch's was sent through Chicken and enclosed a little notice on sending place

sent bu Zine MEROUANE

sent by Jeans C.

jeudi 2 mars 2017