dimanche 22 août 2010

sent by Ivan Loew

cover commemorates exhibition "Prague Castle in the Art of Postage Stamps"

sent by Igor Adolph

mardi 17 août 2010

lundi 16 août 2010

dimanche 15 août 2010

sent by AW Welch

notice from US Postal service : "Celebrated singer and entertainer, Kate Smith (1907-1986) was a radio and later television star, popular for her homespun personality as well as her singing. During World War II, polls ranked her as one of the most important women in America. She was best known for her rendition of Irving Berlin's - God Bless America -"

sent by Ahn Jung Min

Ahn Jung Min put on his cover both stamps issued by Korean Post Office for "Philately Week"

dimanche 8 août 2010

mardi 3 août 2010