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The Stamp - souvenir sheet "900 years of the Chronicle of Gall Anonim"
"The Chronicle of Poland" - known as "Chronicle of Gall Anonim" - is the very first chronicle of Poland. It is written in Latin, in the years 1112-1116, on the court of Polish King Boleslaw Krzywousty (shown on the stamp). The chronicle describes the history of the first rulers of Poland - the Piast Dynasty (they are shown on the sheet).
The author: probably the monk from Venice. During centuries they thought he came from France (Galia). His name is unknown (anonymus). So, in Polish: Gall Anonim.

The postmark - "770 years of Powidz - the Days of Powidz 2013"
Powidz, village in central/western part of Poland (close to Poznan), with rich history. It's coat of arm "the Crown".

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