dimanche 27 mars 2011

mardi 22 mars 2011

dimanche 20 mars 2011

sent by Roman Sudzik

Roman sent FDC "The Nationwide week of cystic fibrosis"

sent by Françoise REBERIOUX

That cover was sent through Juan de Nova base.

If you are interestd by a cover from FAAT, please contact our head office by mail to lccerem@hotmail.fr

sent by AW Welch

AW Welch enclosed also above notice printed by US Postal Service on back of sheets of stamps

lundi 14 mars 2011

sent by Ivan Loew

It is a special cancellation to an exposition of czech stamp designer POSMOURNY who made the stamp with dog and cat on right part of enveloppe

jeudi 10 mars 2011

mardi 8 mars 2011

dimanche 6 mars 2011

sent by Anne BARETH & Jean-Pierre DERLON

both First Day Covers celbrate "La Fête du Timbre". 2011 annual them was "stamp celebrate Earth", so our postal administration issued stamps with seeds. You have one of them on right part of above cover sent by Anne

sent by Kai Arne Paulsen

samedi 5 mars 2011