jeudi 27 août 2015

vendredi 21 août 2015

sent by Chang Sie Min

sent by Hans KAHLE

sent by Roman SUDZIK

Informations transmitted by Roman:

CANCELLATION - the 10th international ballon contest in Naleczow
STAMP - the 10th anniversary of acession of Poland in the European Union

sent by Tomislav DOLAR

sent by Zelinka ZDENEK

samedi 15 août 2015

sent by Radim VASUT

Hereunder, I report comments sent by Radim about that cover what explains use of russian stamps
"The postmark has the Name of city and region: "Počta Rossii / OPS Soči 354000 / Krasnod.[ar] kr.[aj]". All letters collected in Sukhumi are moved by company "Abkhazsvyaz" to Sochi. Abkhazia is not UPU member, therefore they use Russian Stamps and are cancelled in Russian city Sochi. Usually, mail from Sukhumi is unrecognizable from mail sent from the Sochi city.

However, your cover shall have postmark on backside, with exception of one cover, all so far received covers have postmark of the Abkhazian Post in Sukhumi on back side of cover . I asked my friend who visited the Sukhumi to ask for the Sukhumi postmark. The postal clerk said that he can't apply Sukhumi postmark on Stamps on International mail, but can apply one on back side of cover."

vendredi 14 août 2015

sent by Ivan COIN

sent by Arnold KRENN

sent by Akira Motoike

sent by Vural Oguz

sent by Roman SUDZIK

Roman gave informatation about stamp he put on cover celebrating 200th anniversary of death
Jan Potocki (1761-1815) polish traveler, writer, politician, archeologist, etnographer. He took part in many private and official journeys. For the first time, he visited Spain in 1779. His famous work - the novel "The manuscript founded in Zaragoza". This kind of literature has many names, one is "fantastic fairy-tale" - with ghosts, hanged persons, frenzied princess ... another is "costume comedy".
As the first Pole, he took part in the ballon flight - may 14, 1790 in Warsaw. 
On the basis of this novel there is a movie (1964) - with the same title. Martin Scorcese found it as of the most important Polish movie.

sent by Jose M. NUNEZ

sent by AW WELCH

sent by Kaj FREDMAN

mercredi 12 août 2015

mardi 11 août 2015

sent by Mark L. GOODMAN

sent by Ivan LOEW

Ivan noted cancellation celebrates 150th anniversary of a post

lundi 3 août 2015

sent by Jose M. NUNEZ

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sent by Leonhard REITH

If you wish to know more about POSTCROSSING, you can vist specialized website at

sent by Werner SEEBA

sent by AW WELCH

On that cover you can see two value of tulip stamps.
AW WELCH noted 70 cent tulip stamp was sold out quickly. "Two ounce" tulip stamp is new version of 31 may 2015

sent by Dr Jozsef TISZA