jeudi 29 avril 2010

sent by Roman Sudzik

Here is FDC with souvenir sheet issued for the "Memory Day of victims of Katyn Massacre"
The cross (on sand) is formed by the buttons of Polish soldiers uniforms, found in Katyn graves

mercredi 28 avril 2010

dimanche 25 avril 2010

sent by Holger Kaufhold

Stamp and cancellation celebrate 25th anniversary of first Belgian definitive stamp created by André Buzin. His signature is reproduced in special cancellation.

samedi 17 avril 2010

sent by Roman Sudzik

Special Cancellation celebrates the 5th anniversary of the death of John Paul II. Roman used one of stamps issued for the 30th anniversary of his election.

sent by Talal Y. Kalanzi

mardi 6 avril 2010

samedi 3 avril 2010