jeudi 29 décembre 2016

mardi 27 décembre 2016

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jeudi 15 décembre 2016

jeudi 8 décembre 2016

mercredi 7 décembre 2016

lundi 5 décembre 2016

sent by A.W. WELCH

sent by Vural OGUZ

sent by Zine MEROUANE

send by Roman SUDZIK

Roman gave some information about his covers

both FDC's celebrate "The achievements of Police Science"

stamps are shown portraits of Polish historians: prof. Gerard Labuda, prof. Witold Kula and prof; Aleksander Gieysztor

stamps are shown:
- Prof. Edmund Biernacki (1866-1911), physician, neurologist, philisopher, discoverer of relationship between sedimentation rate of red blood cells and the general conditions of the organism
- Prof. Hilary Koprowski (1916-2013); virologist and immunologisdt active in USA, inventor of the wald's first effective live polio vaccine
- Prof. Wladyslaw Kunickki-Goldfinger (1916-1995), microbiologist, philosopher

sent by Leonardas MISIULIS

On his cover, Leonardas put joint issue ESTONIA/LATVIA/LIETUVA celebrating Baltic Assembly

sent by Dmitry RABTSUN

sent by Ivan COIN

sent by Henri DE MAN

sent by Ivan LOEW

sent by Hans BOCKKOM

sent by Irene CHEN