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sent by Roman Sudzik

Roman's comments :

cancellation : St George, patron of world scouting  and harcerstwo (= polish name for scouting)

stamps: Europa stamp 2007 for 100 years of scouting and St Benedict and St Cyril and Metody who are patrons of western and eastern Europe.

dimanche 5 mai 2013

sent by Roman Sudzik

all explanations about these three postmarks were sent by Roman

Since many years, The Union of Polish Philatelists arranges the contests for your philatelists - each year with different theme.
This year the object of the contest is Torun - the old and picturesque town, located on the UNESCO list, with long and rich history of the Post and Philately - the theme "Cosmopolis of Torun"

On the postmark, you see Nicolaus Copernicus who lived in Torun
The stamps: EUROPA CEPT 2009 - International Year of Astronomy and two definitive stamps - 1,20 Zt is Torun with monument of Cpernicus.

On the postmark, you see Mr Jan Brozek (1585-1652), Polish scientist, astronomer, catholic priest, the devotee of Copernicus theory on solar system - and the first biographer of Nicolaus Copernicus.

The stamps: Jan Heweliusz (Johan Hevelke), Polish astronomer living in Gdansk in XVII century and the second stamps of value 2 Zt  is Gniezno, a part of set about the polish historical towns

Postmark : the Bridge Gate - entrance to old town of Torun from Vistula bank
Stamps : 1,25 Zt the castle in Malbork , 3,75 Zt Helsinki from set "the EU capital issues"

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