samedi 16 mai 2009

cover sent by Jorn Steensgaard

Denmark's Nature - Mons Klint
The varied landscape and chalky soil of Mons Klint provide fertile conditions for many special orchids, including the puramidal orchids= - a protected species that is currently found only in Denmark. The area is also home to the zygaenidae, a species of butterfly known for its distinctive mettalic colourss, and the peregrine falcon, which swoops at its prey at speeds of up to 200 Kph.
The chalk at Mons Klint coints fosils of marine species that lived in the area some 70 million year ago. A tooth found on the beach in 2007 turned out to be from a mosasaur, the most feared predator of the Cretaceous seas - a monster that hunted and devoured sharks, octopuses and even smaller members of its own species. The tooth is now on display in the GecoCenter Mons Klint.

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