dimanche 24 mai 2009

cover sent by AW Welch

AW Welch used on cover two "Zazzle stamps" created by the Defenders of Wildlife organization.
Zazzle (http://www.zazzle.com/) is a very popular USA online retail company founded in 1999 by Robert Beaver and his sons. The company has recently expanded to the UK, and will soon launch sites in Australia and Canada. Zazzle enables users to upload and create their own merchandise. Customers can create vitualy anything from customized T-shirts to postage stamps. The company also allows you to purchase a vast number of designs created by other users and customize most of them if you wish. It is Interesting to view the vast array of postage stamps which have been created by others. You can also use your own photos or artwork to crete personalized postage stamps if you prefer. These stamps are valid postage for mailing letters both with the USA and to worldwide destinations. Beacause the stamps are printed with bar codes, the USA post office may not cancel them.
AW Welch is awaiting for comments from LCC members regarding the use of this type of stamp on covers with LCC circuits

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william charles a dit…

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