dimanche 5 avril 2009

cover sent by Roman Sudzik

Postmark "80th anniversary of the death of Ferdinand Foch, the Marshal of Poland"

comments sent by Roman Sudzik:
The French Marshal Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929) is known in Poland as the great Friend of Poland. In the years 1918-1920 he organized the military intervention in Soviet Russia. He stopped German actions against Polish units during so called the Great-Poland resurrection. The western part of my country is called the Great-Poland, with Poznan as capital. After WW I, it belonged to Prussia. Polish people wanted to be in Poland. After 2 months of Polish-Prussian war most of the region returned to Poland.
F. Foch was decorated by Polish President with the highest Polish military order Virtuti militari and White Eagle order (15-04-1923). Two days before, he was honoured by the title of Marshal of Poland. In 1922, he was honoured with the Doctor Honoris Causa title of UNIVERSITIES IN Cracow, Warsaw and Poznan. He is also The Honour Citizen of Grudziadz.

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